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Case - Sliding Cover

Wooden boxes with sliding lid. Various configurations, colors and materials for your packaging or special gift.


Allows acrylic, wood or semi-open lid.


Add accessories: handles, prints, coatings, angles, varnishes and others.

Chests - hinged cover

Boxes with hinged lid.


Elegant and modern boxes, depending on the choice of each finish.


Choose accessories between handles, locks, hinges, angles, among various colors, sizes and shapes.


Allows tabs to organize your content.

Wood Crates

Various models for stacking, gifting or wrapping.


Crate bins are world-wide trend by the versatility in its use and resistant and sustainable concept.


Can serve as organizer when applying partitions, mini-mobile when stacked, niche when hanging. Decorate and organize any room.

Ideal for displaying your product or decorating your restaurant. Customize colors, logo, size and accessories.


Other products

Exhibitors for products, tagprice, visual communication.


Menu slides, risers for showcase, niches for hanging. We personalize the piece according to your purpose, be it store, office, reception or restaurant.


Better use of your space with wood elegance.

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